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    Wall or window extract fans
    HV-STYLVENT Series

    HV-300 A

    Complete range of axial flow fans for wall or window mounting applications.
    All the fans are supplied with tough ABS plastic grilles, shutter and single phase 230V- 50Hz motor. All the fans are class II insulation and IPX4 rated.
    The HV-STYLVENT series comprises of 3 diameters: 150, 230 and 300 mm, including several operating options, making them ideally suited for a wide range of general residential, commercial and industrial exhaust or supply ventilation applications.
    HV-300 A

    To prevent air entry and limit heat leakage when the extractor is not operating.

    Extract or supply operation.

    Natural ventilation position
    Shutter open, fan off.

    Elegant design harmonising with any environment