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  • Easyvent

    • Select ventilation systems based on the required specifications
    • Pre-calculation tool for airflow.
    • Add accessories to your selection.
    • Option to compare different product curves.
    • Create a global project:
    1. Option to group together various selections
    2. Linked to price database
    3. Personalized report with your company’s logo
    4. Final report in PDF format
    5. Different versions of projects

    The new Easyvent site gives you access to a technical product sheet from a type of application or product range and to select the required point directly from the product’s dynamic curve:

    • Add Catalogues of products
    • Catalogue of accessories

    You will also be able to quickly select a product by its parameters. This selection requires the following data:

    • Catalogue reference
    • Airflow
    • Total or static pressure
    • Selection in various units of measurement

    Advanced filters:

    • Calculations by temperature and height
    • Airflow tolerance adjustment

    Specific filters for axial flow fans:

    • Diameter
    • Motor type
    • Motor poles
    • Type of casing
    • Air direction

    Additional product information:

    • Diagram of dimensions: 3-D view of the product, can be downloaded in any CAD format
    • Acoustic spectrum with the option to adjust measurement distance and view the frequency spectrum with attenuation if you have previously selected a silencer as an accessory. The spectrum will be shown in power and pressure at intake, output and radiated.

    Visit the new EASYVENT site, the most complete, intuitive, flexible fan-selection site on the market.